Special groups

Rehabilitative activities for special groups by the water are rewarding and comfortable! The impact of nature on man and well-being has already been scientifically proven.

What is a special group?

Special groups include people with reduced mobility, children, the elderly, migrants, people with disabilities and other groups who need special help or guidance to access waters, nature or their surroundings safely.

IktyoCare water-based rehabilitation instructor is a trained person who has the knowledge, skill and ability to take care of his or her clients safely and taking into account activities such as beach, boat and ferry activities or winter ice activities, taking into account special needs.

The clients can be equally school group or one person with multiple disabilities who are allowed a safe and meaningful event by the water, usually in the spirit of fishing.

JPH Fishing & Outdoor takes its customers of all ages and ages safely into the waters near the center of Tampere. Accessible piers can be found on Lake Näsijärvi in the port of Mustalahti and on the Pyhäjärvi side of Hatanpää shore.

The price of fishing trips for special groups is 90 € / starting hour.

Let's plan a good day together!