Fishing trips for 2024 are now bookable! 
Let's go on an unforgettable fishing trip in Pirkanmaa!

A boat made for cast fishing, Finval 555 FishPro with Mercury XS Pro 115 engine, Motor Guide bow engine and Lowrance sounders, has been purchased in 2019 to serve customers. 
The boat fit 1 to 5 people at a time. Hyvin varusteltu opasvene liikkuu trailerilla eripuolille Pirkanmaata ja länsi-rannikon kalapaikoille, kuten Naantaliin. 

A fishing trip can take a few hours or even an entire day. During the day we can enjoy lunch either ashore on the island or while fishing on a boat.

We always plan each trip 
according to the customer's wishes!

 Fishing trips include:

  • guide services
  • boat fuels
  • liability insurance
  • fishing gear
  • if necessary protective clothing for rain and wind (I-MAX floating suit)
  • life jacket
  • drinkable (soda and water)
  • possible catch handling for the customer to take home

On additional order:

  • fish management fee (fishing permits), 6 € / person
  • snacks and meals
  • fish handling guidance
  • Other activities! Let's make the wildest ideas true.

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Price list

Some of the prices are indicative, the price of the trip always depends on its content, additional orders and the number of participants. 
All prices include VAT.

Ice fishing trip 40 € / person

The price of the trip is 40 euros/person, duration is about 3 hours. The minimum number of people for the trip is 4 people. The price includes guidance, ice fishing equipment, maggots and, if necessary, warm clothing. During the trip, we cook sooty pan coffee on a campfire. So there is a great opportunity to grill sausages on campfire (you can bring your own sausages or order them separately from us). We also make other excursion meals for the trip by separate order.

We also sell personal ice fishing tours. Contact us and we'll find a suitable trip for you!

Fishing trip 600 €

The trip fits max 4 people, duration 6-8 hours. With our fishing boat in Tampere or nearby city. The price is per boat, extra boats on request. You can choose which forms of fishing you want to try out or possibly test something new. We have the best tips for your hobby! During the day, we can land once to island for a walk and enjoy snacks or campfire coffee. We make picnic lunches for the trip by separate order.

Father - son / friend trip 400 €

The trip can fit max 4 people, duration 3 hours. On our father - son trip, you will get to know the fishing methods you want! This is a great option for exploring fishing and common day together. The excursion includes drinks on the boat.

Explore fishing - from the pier or shore 250 €

The trip can fit a maximum of 6 people, duration 3 hours. This package is suitable for you who want to get acquainted with fishing or its different types, as well as different fish species. We practice the use and meanings of various fishing rods, jigs and other fishing gear.

Boat transport and traction tire ride 140 € / hour

This activity can fit a group of 5 people at a time. In order for everyone to be able to tow with a traction ring, we recommend a duration of, for example, 2 people / 2 hours and 5 people / 4 hours. Boat transports are successful all over Pirkanmaa. Transportation can leave, for example, from the public pier of your choice, even to your own cottage. We will be happy to suggest beautiful routes for you!

We also organize all our services in larger and smaller event formats, for both individuals and companies. Whether it's a company feast day, a bachelor party or a group of friends who just want to go to nature, we will take you a memorable moment! 

Get in touch and we'll plan an amazing moment
by the fishing and water!



Perch fishing is fun and rewarding! The catch is taken by all kinds of fishing methods. Perch linger in flocks and finding a good flock often gives a great fishing experience, speed is guaranteed! Perch is also one of our most common prey fish and a great filling for the dining table when treated in court. Perch are fished all year round but the peak seasons are in spring and autumn.

We are fishing perch by:

  • jigging
  • ice fishing
  • fishing with worm

Pike perch

We monitor the movements of the pike throughout the open water season with different jig methods, depending on the time of year. Pike-perch are fishing jig mostly. Pike-perch thrives in flocks and can grow to a weight of a few pounds. We count back the largest pike to secure a sustainable fish stock. As a food fish, pikeperch is known in even the finest restaurants.

We are fishing pike-perch by:

  • jigging
  • ice fishing


In the spirit of pike fishing, we are looking for the right doctrines and techniques for pike fishing and aiming for a big catch! Pike is a predatory fish and a popular target fish all year round. The best seasons for pike are spring / early summer and autumn. As a tough fighter, it gives great experiences in fishing! Large individuals give the best experience right at the end of the line. We count the largest individuals back to ensure a sustainable fish stock.

We are fishing pike by:

  • spinning
  • jigging

Burbot and ice fishing

Burbot ice fishing time is from January to February and with the guide you can now get acquainted with this twilight job! In the darkness of the evening, coffee and meal also taste better. Always make sure of the ice situation before you go on the ice, especially in the dark! When leaving for a guided tour, everything has already been taken into account.

Winter fishing trips and ice fishing are more comfortable with the help of a guide. It is safe to go on the ice with the guide. It is nice to get to know the secrets of ice fishing even in bright weather. We can embark on a traditional ice fishing trip where we drill a hole for each of us and start aiming for the prey. You can also get acquainted with pike hooks in winter time with a guide. 


After a productive fishing trip, it’s nice to make your own catch so you can take it home with you!

At the end of each of our fishing trips, we process the catch
for the customer to take with them.

With the help of the guide, you can learn how to clean, fillet and process fish right up to the dining table. The catch caught itself always tastes best and is worth learning to use properly.

Through us, you can also get a guide to the cottage, workplace or home to guide you in handling and preparing different fish species. In this way you will learn to handle the fish yourself in the future. Almost all the fish in our waters can be used as food fish properly treated. 

Our guide will always give you the best tips for making and seasoning fish. If you wish, we will also advise you on what accessories your kitchen needs for the correct preparation of fish!

If necessary, we bring teaching materials and fish with us.

We are also happy to prepare different fish delicacies for your celebrations or various events. 

Guidance on handling fish and preparing fish dishes always depends on the size of the group and the price of the fish to be procured.
Let's get in touch and plan more!


What if I just wanted to enjoy the waters? 

That we can do! We also do different boat trips enjoying our beautiful waters. A boat trip includes a stop at an island or destination you want - we will be happy to suggest these to you. 

At the trip we can enjoy lunch by the campfire, enjoy the sun and nature. Nature trips are also doable with boat trip. 

We have small lake tours to watch Tampere, Siilinkari and from Mustalahti to the swimming tunnel. In Pyhäjärvi we can even get to Nokia Spa - Eden. We have access to the cottage pier and many public piers. You can book these and many other routes in advance!

There is room for one time max. 5 people. 

Animal friends are welcome in the boat! Please note that the customer must bring life jackets for the dogs.