Nature trips

Go with us on various trips along Pirkanmaa! You can suggest us an area you would like to explore or choose from one of the places we suggest.

  • Nokia
  • Hämeenkyrö
  • ancient riverbed of Intianlahti
  • nature conservation area of Ruutana
  • the scenery of Seitseminen National Park
  • National Park of Helvetinjärvi

We can reach the center of Tampere conveniently

  • Kauppi
  • nature conservation area of Kintulammi
  • Niihama

And many other places you would like to explore!

We offer trips from small walks to hikes all year round. Walking in nature is safe with a guide. Our guide will also guide you through nature during the trip.

The traditional trips can fit 1-20 people. Trips for larger groups can be planned together with our partners. 

The length of the trip depends on the destination. Prices for guided tours vary depending on the destination and duration. 


Nature trip to island Luoto at Nokia

Price list
- The trip starts from Nokia Spa Eden
price 300 €, duration 4 hours including travel
– Trip start from Tampere Ratina
price €400, duration 5 hours including travel

The trip fits 1-5 people. We travel by water to Nokia for a nature trip to island Luoto. After the boat trip, we get to know the nature trail located on the island and get to know the nature of the nature reserve in more detail with a guide. During the trip, we enjoy a soup lunch prepared on a campfire and campfire coffees.

Contact us and request a offer! We will be happy to suggest a suitable destination and trip package for you!

We also organize all our services in larger and smaller event formats, for both individuals and companies. Whether it's a company feast day, a bachelor party or a group of friends who just want to go to nature, we will take you a memorable moment! 


For guided tours, we also prepare campfire meals or lunch for the whole group. If you wish, you can bring lunch, which includes, for example, bread or campfire sausage, water or juice, campfire coffee or thermos coffee. Baking marshmallows is always a nice pastime, even with the little ones in the family. 

On request also:

  • soups
  • pancakes
  • campfire stick buns
  • other dishes prepared over an open fire

Campfire meals and making an open fire always depend on conditions such as the risk of a forest fire, storm or heavy rain. However, in many trip destinations it is possible to take everything safely in the places reserved for them.

We are also happy to prepare different fish and campfire delicacies for your celebrations or events. 

Let's get in touch and plan more!


Do you come from further afield or would you like to spend a relaxing holiday near the forest or in the countryside on an excursion? 

Accommodation and services in Seitseminen and its surrounding areas are provided by our partners Seitsemisen torpat. From both places it is good to go exploring the national park either on your own advice or with a guide.

At Nokia accommodation offers Knuutila manor, from which you can explore Nokia's nature, such as the ancient riverbed of Intianlahti or the nature conservation area of Ruutana.

Muotiainen holiday cottages have provided comfortable holiday moments for years. The villas are located in two different places in Ylöjärvi, Viljakkala and Karhe.


Tent Sauna is a refreshing alternative to nature trip or meals in addition. 

You can rent a tent sauna for various occasions through us and we can include it in all our trips and events. Assembly, dismantling and heating of the tent are included in the price.

There are two different sizes of tent saunas for rent:

  • small tent sauna, max. 6 people
  • large tent sauna, max. 12 people

The tent sauna offers visitors soft and good steam!  

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